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Here’s some additional information so you can determine if we will be the right fit for your dog(s)!


Temperament & Behavior

Other than vaccinations & fecal, temperament is our strictest requirement. 

All dogs boarding with us must be respectful and non-aggressive toward other dogs, food, toys,

and human caretakers to ensure the safety of all dogs, including your own, so everyone can have

a great time.  


We run our facility as a pack environment and dogs play together throughout the day within our 3 play yards in smaller,  like-minded playgroups. We provide management and oversight to ensure all are behaving and enjoying themselves, but we cannot guarantee your dog will be able to play if they are repeatedly disrespectful and or aggressive to other dogs.  That being said, we CAN still offer alone time for any dogs that cannot play.


All dogs over the age of 6 months must be spayed/ neutered for the safety and well-being of all guests.


As your dog is going to spend time in a kennel and in our yards, and their energy affects the other dogs, we require your dog to avoid destructive behavior and cannot suffer from extreme anxiety, barking, or other disruptive behaviors.



The Digs

Every dog has their own indoor and outdoor kennel for eating, sleeping, and relaxing during inclement weather when playing isn’t as desirable. The building is heated to 70 degrees and air-conditioned in the summer months. 


We always have the TV on during the day to Animal Planet or NatGeo, which goes off 2 hours after the last potty break.


Every kennel has a Kuranda Cot with bedding & toys provided, but you can bring your own bedding and toys if you feel your dog requires these to be comfortable.


Any destruction to our bedding, cots, dog doors, or other aspects of their kennel, will incur repair/ replacement fees. Please warn us of any minor destructive behaviors you know of so we are aware of potential issues, so we’re not surprised!



Vaccine Requirements

We require your dog’s vaccines to be current which include:

  • DAPP/ DHPP- renewed every 1-3 years

  • Rabies- renewed every 1-3 years

  • Bordetella- administered within 6 months of attendance

  • Negative fecal float- administered within 30 days of attendance 


It's important that the bordetella vaccine be given at least a week prior to boarding for it to take effect. This way we can ensure all dogs come in healthy, and leave healthy.  


Your dog’s records can be emailed by you or your vet to within 5 days of your stay so we have time to review them.



Food & Care Needs

We prefer you provide your own food so your dog has the best chance of avoiding digestive distress when boarding.


If your dog has allergies or any requirements in regard to food and treats, please note this on the Boarding Assessment form, and be sure to mention these again at drop-off.



Pics & Vids

Pictures and videos are taken and posted on our social media pages every Sunday and Wednesday morning so you can see what your dog is up to and who he/ she is playing with. 







Basic Daily Schedule 

The dogs get up between 7- 730am, and are put out to potty first. Shortly after we clean up their kennels, they come back in for breakfast- allowing a small rest period after eating before going back to play to avoid gastric distress and bloat.


Throughout the day the dogs are rotated into playgroups and back into their kennels as often as possible. Playgroups end at 4pm when the dogs are brought back in for "Quiet Time": dinner and rest.  


At 7pm they go back out for potty and playtime- and get out once again at 9pm for last potty break. The pups are always exhausted by this point and ready for bed! 



Reservations & Cancellations

All reservations must be held with a credit card, although (during non-peak times) no holds or charges are placed on your card at that time. We just need to ensure we have coverage for no-shows and late cancellations- and as we frequently have waitlists throughout the year, we cannot afford to lose business.  


During non-peak stays (see peak stay info below), cancellations require 3 days' notice or incur a $98.00 cancellation fee. Cancellations with less than 24 hours' notice will have a 100% cancellation fee.


Payment is due when you pick up your dog, with either credit card or cash.


If you prefer to pay by check, please bring that when you drop your dog off- and any additional incidentals or fees will need to be settled at the time of pick up. We also have online ACH payments available upon request.



Holidays, school breaks, and summer months  

Holidays, Mid-winter, and Spring school breaks have a 3-night, non-refundable deposit applied to the boarding fee at the time the reservation is made. 


All peak periods (Holidays, school breaks & June thru October) require 2 weeks' notice for cancellations or there is a 50% cancellation fee (or a minimum of 3 nights; $147.00).  



If you would like a tour of the facility, we offer appointments between 9am to 6pm. Please do not stop by unannounced as this is not safe for the dogs we have staying with us.

Tours are a great way to help your dog acclimate so they are familiar with the environment before they come to stay.  We also enjoy meeting your dog beforehand so we can plan ahead for their play packs!


No time for a tour?  Check out our virtual tour on the website you can view as well!  


That should cover it all, but if you have further questions please ask- or feel free to schedule a tour or make a reservation!



If you want to make a reservation we need a few things from you to confirm:


The FAQ's...

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