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We are proud to offer all inclusive dog boarding and training!

Our standard dog boarding package for ONE dog includes:

A private indoor/outdoor (5x15) boarding kennel with a private doggy door to the outside where they are free to enjoy unlimited time playing with "like-minded" friendly doggy friends in one of our three playgrounds.

We offer a variety of services to pamper
your V.I.P. pup with
our simple pricing

Dog Boarding / Dog / Night.....................$65

Transportation (within 40 miles)................$75

Bath (weight-based)............................$40-$50

Nail Trim......................................................$15

Off-Hours Drop Off / Pick up.....................$25

Fecal Float (existing customer only)..........$30

Also provided at NO ADDITIONAL FEE:

  • A Kuranda cot in their kennel to keep them off of the floor

  • Fleece bedding for comfort & snuggling

  • Both a water and a food bowl

  • Two feedings of dog kibble (preferably yours to avoid digestive distress, but we can also provide) a day (typically 8 am and 4 pm)

  • If our food, we can provide up to 3 cups per day of high-quality / grain-free kibble

  • All the "G" rated television they can watch when hanging out indoors!

  • A non-barking, stress-free, quiet facility (a smaller boarding facility like ours does make a big difference!)

  • A climate-controlled building; kept at 72 degrees in winter, and air-conditioned in summer.

  • All the love, snuggles, and baby talk they can handle from us!

  • And last, but not least - Pictures! (lots of pictures) posted on our Facebook & Instagram pages. We also TikTok, just not as regularly. You don't have to have your own accounts to view them.

Our spots fill up fast, especially during peak vacation season, so be sure to book in advance!

Our happy campers hard at play and hard at work (learning can be a lot!) - our

Instagram is the place to be!

You get all that for just

$65/night, per night 

(Let's be real: your dog has probably chewed up more than that in shoes!)

For families with two or more dogs; each additional dog staying in the same kennel: $50 / night.

Our boarding fees are charged by the night.


Overnight stays of one night (aka Slumber Parties) do have a 24 hour limit; otherwise a two night fee is charged.

We have a reactive dog fee of $10/ day.  These are dogs who may pose challenges with humans. We can care for them, but we need to charge a little extra because we are the only place that will allow/ can manage such behavior.

It is also recommended to have an assessment with our trainers and to add on Board & Train to improve and correct the reactive behaviors.

Reactive dog behaviors include:

  • Growling (at humans)

  • Snarling 

  • Snapping

  • Past bites to humans

  • Severe fear/ anxiety

  • Other behavior which causes a handler to use extra caution

Still looking for more?!

We offer other services as well such bath/ brush, nail trims - and we have more such as Board & Train and full grooming (coming soon)!  Those services can be found on our Other Services page.  We also have a number of other options for those "well thought out" meal plans and medication requirements.

Also check out our Board & Train options which can be a la carte add-ons to your dog's stay - or you can send them to camp with us specifically for your training needs!


Please e-mail for more price and package information!

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