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Motley Zoo Animal Rescue's board of directors

Same familiar place, now with

an added rescue / rock star vibe!

Hi there!


We just wanted to say hello and welcome to the new Woods Creek Kennels- now called Motley Zoo at Woods Creek Kennels! We are the new owners, Motley Zoo Animal Rescue (MZAR), and we look forward to meeting you all soon enough.


We are so glad that this opportunity came up to pick up where Jodi left off. She's built an amazing business, with amazing property and we look forward to honoring her legacy and carrying her efforts forward.


Like Jodi, we take the health and safety of your dogs extremely seriously- and each dog we care for is always treated like one of our own. We even have a few mutual clients we already know from our Redmond location, who can attest to our extremely high standards of care!


Just for a bit of background about us, we have been MZAR for 14 years now- saving the lives of more than 4,300 animals since! We've also been running our Rock Star Treatment Services (dog daycare, training and in-home boarding) based in Redmond for 9 of those years, so we know what it takes! We are a unique, rock 'n' roll-themed, foster-based rescue that focuses on bringing the community together to support our critical mission to save the lives of animals in need. 


The kennels are part of our 501c3 non-profit fundraising program to help us cover the cost of veterinary care for our rescues, which averages about $15,000 per month. We have a great reputation in the animal welfare community and are known for taking on harder cases both medically and behaviorally- and when your dogs stay with us, you are helping aid our cause!


This property, however, means so much more to our mission, as it allows us the opportunity to establish our sanctuary and rescue animals that won't be adopted- so we can provide them an amazing life where they are loved and can live out their days with the quality of life they deserve. While this cannot happen overnight, we look forward to sharing our progress- and introducing new residents- in the future!


We encourage you to take a look around on our website (both here and and read a bit more about us- and how we will provide your dogs the "rock star treatment' when they visit!


If you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you. Please email us at


Rock on-



Executive Director

eddie vedder and daughter.jpg

We've had the honor of meeting countless celebs and rock stars over the years , bringing some puppy (and kitty!) love to their shows!

(Eddie Vedder, above; Billie Eilish, below)

billie eilish and puppy 2.jpg
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