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Let's get ready for Camp!

Now that you've made a reservation, this page will help with your checklist and any questions you may have to help you and your dog have a smooth transition before arriving at Motley Zoo at Woods Creek Kennels.


You/ your vet can email records at least 5 days in advance of your stay!  Please don't wait until the last minute because if your dog's fecal is positive for parasites, we cannot accept them.


Bordetella (Kennel Cough vaccine) needs to be done within 6 months of your dog's reservation. It's important that the kennel cough vaccine be given at least a week prior to boarding for it to be in full effect.  


All other regular vaccinations are updated every 3 years.  


All dogs over the age of 6 months must be spayed/neutered.

First, please register with our software, Revelation Pets, and create an account for yourself.

Then fill out our Boarding Assessment form which provides all the details about your dog's habits, health and behavior.



DOG FOOD: We prefer you bring your own dog's food to avoid unnecessary stomach distress during their stay. However, we can provide high-quality, grain-free kibble, up to 3 cups per day with twice-daily feedings.  We do not provide canned dog food.


BEDDING:  We have comfy Kuranda Cots and soft fleece bedding for your dog as well.  


Of course, you are welcome to bring your own food, bedding, treats, and toys if you feel it will make their stay more comfortable.  

All drop-offs and pickups are by appointment only.  

When you receive your booking reminder, please contact us to confirm your scheduled drop-off time between 9am-6pm.

You can choose your time, we only ask that you keep your appointment. If you discover you will be late (or early), please let us know as soon as possible so we prepare the dogs.  WHY, you ask?...because the dogs are brought inside prior to an appointment for safety purposes.  Dogs become very excited by nature when a vehicle pulls in the driveway.  This could become unsafe to have several dogs barking and jumping on each other during this type of stimulation.  Keeping the dogs safe and happy is our number one goal.

If you haven't visited us already, you are welcome to schedule a tour prior to your reservation. Tours are available 7 days a week during business hours.  


We fully believe a 15-minute tour with your dog is always a great idea because they get to look around, and meet us, helping create a positive experience for them.  Once it's over, they go right back home with you, but they'll remember us when they come to board. 


We also prefer to get a general assessment of their behavior with people and other dogs, though don't feel like this is a test! We just want to make note of concerns or issues we may need to accommodate.

That's pretty much it in a nutshell - but if you have further questions, just let us know!! 

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